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Welcome to the home of the Anjahal! This is a Guild site dedicated to the Guild members of Star Wars The Old Rupublic MMORPG.
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Ventrilo Chat Service

Darth Bayne, Sep 2, 12 6:46 PM.
The chat server seems to be unavailable at the moment cant figure out why it is not working it was working a few days ago not sure whats wrong with it but we are working on it trying to get it up and running again but i have little or no experience in this typeve voice chat service any help would be appreciated.

Armor Fashion from TOR

Darth Bayne, Aug 14, 12 5:42 PM.

New Server

Darth Bayne, Aug 14, 12 3:32 PM.
We have moved to the Canderous Ordos Server now

We Lost a founding Member, and Ive had to change my name to Balthazaarr.  However as soon as we replace the Founding member we will be back up and running. Stay tuned to this spot and we will be back soon.


Server Change

Darth Bayne, Jul 26, 12 1:09 PM.
Its looking more everyday that we will have to change servers and thus we will have to reform on that server they are not allowing guild reform except like guild creation meaning we will have to find yet another member to help with the creation of the new guild..... and there a possibility that we may even lose our names the server may already have a character member by our names ... Keep watch I will let you know more  as i Know more


New Character Build

Darth Bob, Jun 28, 12 7:12 AM.
In the Character Build tab, I have updated with a new build. This time, I have added a sniper to the build list. Unlike the Sith Marauder, this build is designed to help where each point is assigned as you level. More builds will be added later. :)

1.3 update

Darth Bayne, Jun 23, 12 1:35 PM.
June 26th, BioWare added Star Wars: The Old Republic’s (SWTOR) next big update to that same day. 1.3: Allies will go live on Tuesday and add new Legacy Perks, Ranked Warzones, Adaptive Gear, the new Group Finder and more. Check out the 1.3 PTS patch notes for all the details.
In addition to that announcement, BioWare also fielded another round of questions from the SWTOR community that address the design of armor sets, new abilities, class changes and more. Daniel Erickson also confirmed that additional character slots will be available in the future.

Open Recruitment

Darth Bayne, Jun 19, 12 2:01 PM.
We are currently recruiting across the board for all imperial members who can add the imperial style anf flavor to this guild. At current we are not a pvp guild but will participate in predetirmined pvp events flashpoints raids and ops and as we gain members full warzones. So please apply and I or my council will get back with you.

A work in progress...

Darth Bob, Jun 19, 12 5:46 AM.
Hello everyone. I just wanted to say that I made some changes. The first one is obvious, the new look. I think it gives it more that Sith feeling. If you don't like the changes, send me an email and I'll look into something else or change it back.

Another thing. On the "Character Build" tab, I implemented a Sith Marauder build. I was trying to use html to show a picture diagram of the skills, but was unable to at this time. I instead just wrote text. I will work on more skill builds in the future and hope to be able to use a picture html instead of boring text.

Also, I have embedded the theme into the website. As soon as you enter, the music should start up. Now I am working on getting Darth Bayne to turn the auto play off on the music player located at the bottom of the page. Hearing two different sound bites can be rather annoying.

As I learn the site and it's functions, I hope to make our site a more productive and informative site for all guild members and visitors. I will be posting more changes as I learn more about this site. Thanks!

Thanks Grand Anjahal

Darth Bayne, Jun 18, 12 3:27 PM.
We would all like to express our thanks to Grand Anjahal for creating the Guildsite

New Ad Free Guildsite - Brought to you by Darth Bob

Darth Bayne, Jun 18, 12 2:16 PM.
We would all like to thank Darth Bob for his service to the guild. we are now a fully functional Guildsite.
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Darth Bayne:
(3 Characters)

1. Name: Balthazaarr
Class: Sith Warrior
Advanced Class: Marauder
Species: Human
Main Crew Skill: Synthweaving
2nd: Scavenging
3rd: Underworld

2. Name: Payine
Class: Bounty Hunter
Advanced Class: Mercenary
Main Crew Skill: Armstech
2nd: Scavenging
3rd: Slicing

3. Name: Insydious
Class: Sith Inquisitor
Advanced Class: Sorcerer
Species: Sith Pureblood
Main Crew Skill:

(5 Characters)
1. Name: Krynndar
Class: Sith Inquisitor
Advanced Class: Sorcerer
Species: Human
Main Crew Skill: Cybertech
2nd: Scavenging
3rd: Slicing

2. Name: Bob
Class: Sith Warrior
Advanced Class: Marauder
Species: Zabrak
Main Crew Skill: Artifice
2nd: Archeology
3rd: Treasure Hunting

3. Name: Draven
Class: Bounty Hunter
Advanced Class: Powertech
Species: Chiss
Main Crew Skill: Armstech
2nd: Scavenging
3rd: Treasure Hunting

4. Name: Fortyseven
Class: Sith Imperial Agent
Advanced Class: Sniper
Species: Cyborg
Main Crew Skill: Armormech
2nd: Scavenging
3rd: Underworld Trading

5. Name: Insydyous
Class: Sith Inquisitor
Advanced Class: Sorcerer
Species: Zabrak
Main Crew Skill: Synthweaving
2nd: Archeology
3rd: Diplomacy
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